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Picos de Europa

Now that travel restrictions have been lifted in many countries and the Spanish border is now open there may be travellers who wish to ride in Spain but are still reluctant to use airlines for the foreseeable future.

Here at GSmotorcycletours we understand that some riders may prefer to ride their own bikes and make there own way via the ferry to mainland Spain and in particular Northern Spain.

Therefore we are now offering a brand new tour in Northern Spain to compliment our existing tours based in Andalucia.

Right on the edge of Asturias lies the Picos de Europa National Park, an area with an abundance of mountains, amazing scenery and wonderful roads. Every motorcyclist should experience the Picos at some point in their riding career and the area is easily accessible from the French border near Bayonne, or from the UK ferries that arrive daily in Santander and Bilbao.

Riding in the Picos de Europa is a fantastic experience and you will be taken on a magical mystery tour as the excellent roads serpentine in and around the national park. Translating to the ‘Peaks of Europe’, it is believed the name came about as the peaks were the first view of Europe ships would see. Just 20km from Spain’s North coast, three massifs make up the park and offer spectacular views. Gorges, rivers and rocky snow capped peaks ensure you will want to keep your camera handy.

There are several roads well worth a ride in the national park including the N-621 and N-625. These create a horseshoe around the national park, with many smaller roads splitting off into the mountains. The road surface is generally very good and the tarmac can occasionally get a little patchy here and there, but nothing a typical road bike cannot handle.  

The first thing you will notice as you enter the area is the colour. Lush green vegetation is a stark contrast to the image of the dry and dusty Spain most of us have seen. Sitting on the Costa Verde, the Picos de Europa enjoy beautiful scenery, but at a cost. Rain is frequent throughout the year and can strike at any time. With several tall mountains so close to the sea, harsh thunderstorms are also common. Bear this in mind and pack waterproofs.

So our itinerary for the tours is firstly a Meet & Greet at either Santander or Bilbao ferry terminals or a prearranged meeting point if riding down through France before proceeding to our hotel accommodation for the duration of the tour, which means we can dispense with our luggage for the duration. The following three or four days after breakfast we can then focus on riding the best roads in Asturias and immersing ourselves in the beautiful scenery and culture of the Picos and taking in all that the area has to offer, confirming that the Picos de Europa truly is a motorcycle paradise and a joy to ride, and returning every evening to our hotel for our evening meal and no doubt a couple of drinks at the bar. Then on the day of your ferry departure we can take the coastal road back to Santander or Bilbao before saying our goodbyes.

Cost of 5 day Tour 750€ per person or 850€ with pillion *

Price includes meet & greet at ferry terminal,  5 days guided touring, and 4 nights accommodation.

* minimum of 4 riders required

Cost of 6 day Tour 895€ per person or 995€ with pillion *

Price includes meet & greet at ferry terminal,  6 days guided touring, and 5 nights accommodation.

* minimum of 4 riders required

Northern Spain

Our 7 day tour is a little different from our above tours as we also venture further west from the Picos and explore the regions of Asturias, Galicia, Castile and León, as well as a visit to Fisterra which is the most westerly point in mainland Spain, or sometimes know as "the end of the world" because in Roman times it was believed to be the end of the known world.

Asturias and Galicia have some of the best roads in Northern Spain. Couple that with a very small population density and some of the best tarmac on the European mainland, and you're onto a winner. Get lost in the area, where all the roads reward with flashes of fabulous views and little restaurants to relax at.

Galicia in general is much flatter than neighbouring Asturias. Normally, fewer mountains mean more farmland and straighter roads, but Galicia is saved by its cracking coastline, which cuts in and out around Spain's north west headland. Ride to the north coast and you will come across smaller roads full of switchbacks although some interesting roads can still be found inland and as we ride through the coastal hills of northern Galicia it's as if the landscape here hasn't changed for one hundred years.

Castile and León makes it an irresistible choice for motorbike lovers and the ideal location for touring. The landscape is crisscrossed with twisting roads and offering spectacular scenery with breathtaking views.

This is a land of contrasts, with scattered valleys, forests, plateaus and peaks and a rich cultural heritage at every turn, accompanied by an outstanding culinary tradition.

Picos Tour

Cost of 6 day Tour 895€ per person or 995€ with pillion *

Price includes meet & greet at ferry terminal,  6 days guided touring, and 5 nights accommodation.

* minimum of 4 riders required

Please Contact us for more details

N.B. Routes and itinerary may change due to weather and season

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