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4 Day Andalucian Countryside Tour 

We now offer a four day motorcycle tour that you will remember for a lifetime. The weekend Countryside Tour focuses on riding the best roads in La Sierra de Hornachuelos and immersing ourselves in the beautiful scenery and culture of the Natural Park. Ride this undiscovered motorcycle haven through beautiful natural landscapes of forests, pastures, cliffs and river crossings which are home to wildlife such as red deer, lynxes, wolves, wild boar, vultures and eagles. Imagine riding for hours on deserted roads with smooth tarmac and more twists and bends than you ever thought possible confirming that Andalucia truly is a motorcycle paradise and a joy to ride. 

DAY 1.  Airport transfer and check-in with accommodation at the Guesthouse

DAY 2.  Tour & accommodation at Villanueva del Rey

Leaving Velez de Benaudalla we head west along the coast before heading northwest towards Antequera and on to Osuna for lunch. We then continue northwest toward Constantina in the Sierra de Hornochelos before heading northeast along the winding A432 towards Villanueva del Rey for our overnight stop.

DAY 3.  Tour & accommodation at our Guesthouse

Leaving Villanueva del Rey we head south to Posadas along the scenic and winding A3075 before heading southeast towards Espejo for lunch.  We then head towards Granada on the A432 where we pick up the old Granada road to the coast before turning off to Velez de Benaudalla.

DAY 4.  Airport transfer and check-out

Sierra Magina.jpg

Cost of Tour 695 € per person

Cost of Tour 795 € with pillion

Price includes airport transfers,  2 days guided touring, Motorcycle rental, insurance

 and 3 nights accommodation.

Please Contact us for more details

N.B. Routes and itinerary may change due to weather and season

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